Hello All,

Firstly thank you for nominating to participate in our Summer Season competition

Cairns Netball is excited to say we have 68 teams taking part in our Summer Season Competition.

For anyone who is new/unknown to us we are going to try and provide you with as much information as possible.


  • Week 1 – Summer Season draw with umpire allocations *if your team name is highlighted yellow in the umpires columns that means that Cairns Netball is covering your allocation! So don’t stress.  
  • The draw is subject to change in Week 2 pending we don’t need to make any changes.
  • Summer Season rules *PLEASE READ!!! – if you have any further queries to these please give me a call on 4051 7501
  • Summer Season – Weekly team form – once names are listed in the first week, Cairns Netball will keep in a filling tray at control for you to collect weekly to get signed and pay your money. If your team has paid in full then you will still need to collect and get the available players for that week to sign. This is required for insurance purposes.You can add new players to this sheet at any point, this applies to all permanent and fill in players. Team contact must do this at control when required.
  • Melbourne cup notice – We do not play on the night of Melbourne cup, we instead play Wednesday 7th November of that week.

Further bits of important information:

  • Outstanding deposits and umpire fees will be chased up first week and teams will not be allowed to take court until these have been paid.
  • Weekly fee amount is $70.00 – PLEASE NOTE: this amount doesn’t change, whether you have 5 or 10 players. Control will ONLY accept $70.00 as a whole payment
  • My Netball registration – in Week 2 of Summer Season I will email out a registration link for ANY NEW players that didn’t play Winter Season. It will be the responsibility of team contact to email out the link to all relevant players.
  • Mixed A & B – was split randomly to be fair to all teams. One is NOT higher than the other.