Cairns Netball Winter Season

Cairns Netball’s winter season is played across 2 nights. Tuesday’s are for our Juniors (NetsetGO, 9/u, 10/u, 12/u, 14/u and Junior Div 1, 2 and 3). Wednesday’s are for our Seniors (Senior Div 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5). If you are interested in playing you have 2 options, you can complete our enquiry form and someone will contact you from Cairns Netball to assist you. Furthermore you can contact one of our many clubs directly through our club page.

Our AMENDED POST COVID-19 Take 2 Winter Season dates are as provided below:

Tuesday Night Wednesday Night
Preseason Week 1
Preseason Week 2
Grading Day
Week 1 21st July  22nd July 
Week 2 28th July 29th July
Week 3 4th August 5th August
Week 4 11th August 12th August
Week 5 18th August 19th August
Week 6 25th August 26th August
Week 7 1st September 2nd September
Week 8 8th September 9th September
Week 9 15th September 16th September
Week 10 6th October 7th October
Week 11
Week 12
Week 13
Week 14
Week 15
Semi Finals 13th October 14th October
Prelim Finals 20th October 21st October
Grand Finals 27th October 28th October
What are the fees for the season?
9/U & 10/U
$80.30 (NQ Fee) + $176.70 (CNA Fee)
11/U & 12/U
$90.00 (NQ Fee) + $195.00 (CNA Fee)
JNR 1, 2, 3 & 14/U
$90.00 (NQ Fee) + $265.00 (CNA Fee)
Senior 1,2,3,4, & 5
$90.00 (NQ Fee) + $265.00 (CNA Fee)
Please note the above fees DONT include CLUB FEES.

The above fees are relevant PRIOR to the start of the season.

Once the season starts there is a discounted fee, please enquire with your club directly or the association.

What do the fees cover?


  • Capitation fees to Netball Queensland
  • Umpire Development
  • Coach Development
  • Representative Players
  • Repairs & Maintenance (Including: building and grounds improvements, Computer repairs, grounds maintenance)
  • Wages (Administrator, Trainee Administrator & Games Controller)
  • Office and Running Expenses (Including: cleaning, rates, lease fees, Electricity, phone and Internet)
  • Capital improvements
What divisions are there to play in?


  • Senior Division 1
  • Senior Division 2
  • Senior Division 3
  • Senior Division 4
  • Senior Division 5


  • Junior Division 1
  • Junior Division 2
  • Junior Division 3
  • 14/U
  • 12/U
  • 10/U
  • 9/U


What clubs are there to play for?

Click here to go to our clubs page! 





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07 4051 7501